Chaotix Payment Processing via Shopify (Beta)

September 09, 2015 Chaotix Processing

We are proud to announce the beta testing for Choatix Payment Processing for the Chaotix network of websites and online forums. We have used many different services in the past, and have been seeking out one that would be a on-stop-shop for the multiple needs of our users.

This new setup is in it's beta stages as both our customers and administration learns the process to make processing payments, and allocating user perks as quickly as possible.

Applied features through Shopify:

  • Credit/Debit Card Processing -  Shopify is well known name in the e-commerce industry. We have made the card processing setup to be minimalist in information to be provided, and have it so a customer can fulfill their purchase within mere minutes.
  • Shopify is Global - Unlike our previous payment processor that only allowed for purchases by U.S. residents, Shopify allows for purchases globally!
  • Coinbase for Bitcoin Purchases - Shopify is a one-stop-shop for both card and Bitcoin purchases. It also offers payments with Bitcoin through Coinbase. Customers will have the option to pay via their own Coinbase accounts, and also direct payment from their Bitcoin wallets given a 15 minute window for completion.

Past payment processing we have used:

  • - Square is still in use by us, and we can choose to go back to it. However, it is limited to United States residents only, which is a problem for our global base.
  • - Ribbon was our longest standing payment processing service. Unfortunately, the owners of Ribbon discontinued their services for all merchants, and decided to take their business in a different direction. They will be missed.
  • Google Wallet - Google Wallet was our second longest standing payment processing service, and also met the same fate as Ribbon.
  • PayPal - PayPal was our first payment processing service nearly 6 years ago. We had multiple issues with the service, and decided to discontinue their service indefinitely. We will likely not use PayPal again.

       We accepted Bitcoin for about a year. However, we did had the transferal of funds directly between the purchaser and ourselves. We did not use middlemen during this process given many of them were suspect to hacking and scams. However, the P2P Bitcoin exchange left many novice customers asking more questions about the the process, and the fluctuation of the digital currency made it less than worth our while.

There is more to come, and we are looking forward to new customers, and especially welcome feedback via comments below!